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Building Community With Purpose

Intelligent Practice

Collective Experience

Contemporary Social Philosophies are centered around the Hive Mind, Collective Intelligence, and Crowd-Sourcing

Urban Estate

The way we appropriate Urban Design, access to Green Space, and Public Arenas helps determine the value of Livability

Village Council

Inclusion within the Village Council helps dissipate frictions and foster enfranchisement

Health Care

Universal Access is a proven concern and a guaranteed attention getter. Sometimes a little controversy is good for engagement.


How are things resolved within the Community. Intra-group dynamics are essential to Community

Environmental Policy

Living surrounded by beauty is important to all humanity as well as the personal expression of it.

About the Firm

It has become popular for Architects and Architectural Design Firms to present themselves as ‘Social Architects’, however this is not the original intent of the term (although, in fairness we do applaud the efforts of these firms to design with Social principles in mind). The term ‘Social Architecture’ was originally reserved for a kind of Community Engagement meta-specialist from the days of political action and grass-roots mobilization. From there it acquired a broader application towards the orchestration of any type of desireale trend or movement for the betterment of communities and society. As digitalization became mature, the Social Architect’s role changed again, yet still kept it’s meta-perspective approach in growing small groups and networking them together to establish Community Engagement initiatives.

Nowadays, an actual Social Architect is a rarity, the field being so broad and the skill-set so expansive that few have the requisite scope or perseverance to pull it off. Entire teams are called in these days to accomplish what one veteran Social Architect normally does.

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